What to Know Before Installing AC Unit

Do you have a plan to install a new air conditioner unit? When you are going to hire someone for ac installation, have you done these things? Installing is the key to getting the cooling system at the home. When you don’t choose the best-quality unit, will you get what you expect from the AC? It’s important to choose the best brand in the market. However, the best brand mostly appears as the best choice. It may have additional features which the other brands don’t have. You just moved to new home, so you have no experience in finding the quality air conditioner. You should know the presence of http://www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ when seeking out the best service for AC installation, repair, and replacement.


If you know where to go in order to meet the trusted technician, when will you contact your technician? Simply, he is someone who is experienced and well-knowledgeable about the air conditioner needs. You can ask your technician what air conditioner brand that is good for your need.

How to start your meal prep

Most importantly, DO NOT OVERDO IT. This is a change in lifestyle, start with small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed at the beginning. For example, get used to eating outside every lunch and dinner. Well, try slowly meal prep for lunch. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the recommended meal prep bag.

Or, get used to eating unhealthy. Do not immediately have a mindset that will change EXTREME and 100% want to eat healthy in 1 day. What is there, we can get bored and stop at the beginning. Just try a healthy lunch.

To form a habit, humans need at least 21 days to do something repeatedly. To be a lifestyle, humans need at least 90 days of commitment. So take a baby step, one week at a time.

Choose ONE day a week that will be dedicated to meal prep. Meal prep doesn’t take 24 hours, but it does take 2-5 hours to shop and cook. Usually, I choose Sunday. The next morning shop to the nearest market or supermarket (about 1 hour), then afternoon cook (usually 1-3 hours depending on the type of cuisine)

Plan the menu. Just imagine, about what food you want to eat. What do you want to eat next week? Chicken? Fish? Cow? Shrimp? Then what do you want to cook? Food Chinese? Mexican? Local food? All BBQ?