Simple yet useful tips for taking care of your AC

Don’t forget to turn off the AC when it’s not needed. When traveling or the room is not used, don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner. Although the operation is quite easy, because it has provided a remote control, but this is actually often overlooked.
If the air is not too hot, try to turn off about one or two hours a day. If it’s a must, use a timer feature in the AC. When it has been turned off, open the doors and windows wide to allow good air circulation. Aside from that, go to whenever you must repair your AC with the help of professionals.


In addition, do regular maintenance every 3–6 months. To be safer, take care of the air conditioner by calling a trusted AC cleaning technician, at least every six months. This treatment is not only for the sake of family health, but also to ensure the air conditioner becomes more long-lived and saves on monthly electricity costs. The dirty air conditioner does not work optimally. If it’s very dirty, often we have to set the temperature to below 22 degrees to make it feel cold.

Dirty air conditioners that are rarely cleaned will be able to store various microorganisms that regularly invade the entire room and enter the sense of smell of people in the room. As a result, people in the room can become sick.