Innovation and service in the business world

There comes a time when you have to innovate products to stay competitive in the market because newcomers and old ones will continue to increase sales and attract consumers’ hearts with changes that continue to follow the trend. But keep in mind, innovation is not arbitrary change, innovate according to the needs of consumers, do not let your innovation become a boomerang that results in losses in your business. In the meantime, we recommend you to know more about online lead management too.

From the explanation above, I will give an example that succeeded in innovation was the Samsung cellphone/gadget product, they managed to attract buyers and continue to make changes with the Samsung S3, S4, S5. While there are also those who innovate, but instead become a boomerang that makes the product unsold and not many are interested, for example, Nokia releases Nokia Lumia with Windows OS.

That’s what I mean how precise marketing tips that we need to pay attention to, actually if we are good at seeing conditions then we can minimize risk and bring multiple profits.

In addition, make customers as comfortable as possible, you imagine if the customer does not feel comfortable and talk about your product to other friends so as not to buy and it spreads everywhere. For that, we need to prepare a strategy with SUPER service, at least not to disappoint customers, for example, when a customer buys your product or service in a certain amount it will get a gift or treat with a friendly and fast greeting when serving customers.

I think that it can make consumers return again, as I said above, they will even recommend your product or service because there are prizes, friendly and fast service, etc.

Even if you dare to provide SUPERIOR service, you can increase product prices many times without fear of other competitors, why? Because you provide more service to consumers and make them like kings/queens who are ready to serve full service

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