Examples of Company SOPs for Warehouse Management

Has the outflow of goods, cleanliness, hygiene, tidiness and warehouse security been managed well? When it’s done, Amazing! Note the growth of a company is very dependent on warehouse management. The outflow of goods and chaotic, dirty, and unsafe arrangements, will accelerate the rate of bankruptcy of the company. On the other hand, a well-documented outflow of goods will keep the goods awake and arrive in the hands of consumers on time and in top condition. Cleanliness and security are maintained will reduce company losses. So, if your warehouse is still messy or you want to tidy up good warehouse management, starting from the receipt, storage, management and expenditure of goods. Two examples of company SOPs regarding receipt and expenditure of goods and 3 company SOPs on warehouse management such as cleanliness, tidiness, health, and safety. The five examples of company SOPs are still in draft form that you can adjust and refine according to your business processes. For warehouse needs, you can use and rent by visiting http://www.brilliant-storage.com.hk/.

Well, this time a complete tutorial is provided on how to arrange SOP for receipt of goods in the warehouse. The SOP format used for making this SOP is still the same as the previous company SOP sample format, namely a combination of narrative and purchase flowchart. To explain the activities of receiving goods in warehouses and shipping goods to ensure that goods that have been received or shipped are in accordance with purchasing orders (PO) or Delivery Order (DO). Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Delivering Merchandise. In the second part, it discusses the procedures for making SOP for Shipping. The format used is the sales narrative and flowchart. The aim is to explain the shipping activities of merchandise to ensure that the goods issued are in accordance with the order letter and the shipping letter.

Contact transportation services to pick up goods or deliver goods to the transport service office. Inform the security officer if there will be a shipment to supervise during the loading of goods. Do the handover of goods to the transport service officer, make sure the shipping officer and transport service officer sign the document on the column submitted by and the recipient accompanied by the official name, date and company stamp. Make sure the transport service officer provides proof of delivery/receipt according to the destination address and the number listed on the cover letter.