The Way Men Wearing Watch Represent Their Characteristic

Are you a man who is confused about wearing a watch? Actually, you don’t have to be confused, every man has their own character. Men who wear the watch in their left hand facing up can be concluded to have characters that are easy going cool to be invited to travel, indifferent, more concerned with time for things that are positive. If you wear a watch in your left hand facing down, the man has a character other than time, this man also likes a beauty like art, a green landscape, and likes luxury. Maybe this guy has a collection of gold watches for luxury. Do the research to know why you must choose citizen watches for men.

The man whose watch is in the right hand facing the man is more emotional in establishing socialization, likes to be creative or traveler, and adventurer. It is suitable to take a vacation anywhere. Meanwhile, a man who wears a watch in his right hand facing down his character is more rigid, perfectionist towards something especially work, this man does not like to do things that are not important because for this man it will only waste time.