AC and Electronics must be used wisely

This cooling machine works by using more electricity than other electronic equipment. If you use air conditioning at home, choose an air conditioner that is energy efficient with the ability to raise the temperature or off automatically when there are few rooms or there are no people so you do not need to cool the room whose effect nobody will feel. Adjust the temperature of the AC to the area of the room and the number of people there. The temperature of 20 ° C for the same room area filled by one person with 5 people can be felt differently. In the meantime, go to if you want to know more financing tips.

This temperature can be felt quite cold in a room filled by only one person but it is still quite hot for a room occupied by 5 people. Food cooling (refrigerator) must also be considered in its use. Do not fill the refrigerator too full because the refrigerator will adjust the temperature with the number of items in the refrigerator. Avoid the habit of opening the refrigerator door for a long time because the engine will work higher to adjust the temperature inside and outside the refrigerator which will eventually use more electricity.

Also, avoid sleeping habits with a variety of electronic equipment left in a state of ignition. The TV is still on while sleeping, the lights are on, the gadget is in the process of charging. A TV that is still on when you are not watching clearly gives the effect of a swollen electric bill. Lights should be turned off when you are resting, besides to save electricity costs, it is also good for relaxing your body so you can rest better. Never stay your gadget in a state that is still charging when you decide to sleep. You might feel that you don’t mind paying electricity bills, but other risks such as batteries bubbling up to leak lurking.