Visit Madain Saleh and Uhud Mountain when you’re in Mecca

Madain Saleh is an old city that can be found when setting foot in the north of Medina and as one of the World Heritage Site or world heritage sites, Madain Saleh is the pride of Saudi Arabia. Ever found bricks estimated from the houses of residents and archaeologists consider it a relic of the people of Prophet Saleh. In the meantime, perhaps you should check out the course center to learn arabic duolingo as well.

Not only bricks, but there are also some rocks found by archaeologists who are the cultural results of the Thamud, there is also pottery and so on in Jabal Athlab. Because of their intelligence and skills, items traded in the past are the result of their own carvings, but some are not sold but used for their home decoration. The number of funeral monuments made of stone is about 131 in this city which covers 4,010 hectares. Al-Hijr is another name and this is where there are many discoveries about the rest of the Nabatean civilization.

In addition, with its height reaching 350 meters, Mount Uhud which can be found north of the city of Medina has a unique history that is also required to be known by tourists. This mountain is a witness of the war between the forces of Mecca and Muslims which is called the Battle of Uhud. For travelers who like mountain scenery, if you go to Saudi Arabia don’t forget to take a look at the mountain which has a width of almost 3 kilometers and a length of 7 kilometers.

If you go to Medina, this is the highest and the biggest mountain that will make your holiday in Saudi Arabia more satisfying. Moreover, tourists can also make a pilgrimage to the south right at the foot of the mountain where there are tombs of the martyrs, Hamzah bin Abdul-Muttalib is one of them. He is a brother of one and the same uncle of the Prophet Muhammad. This area is so exotic to pass up.