Telling stories about problems does not mean you are weak

It is not only us as a wider community who must begin to be sensitive and care for those who experience disruption and need help only. But if we feel we have experienced pressure from our psychological side, don’t hesitate to tell a story. You are indeed not easy to tell your story to many people. Obviously, this is not easy. But try to find a comfortable place for you to tell stories. Don’t be shy if you need a psychologist if you really feel you have to go there. Not that you are weak if you are unable to accommodate your problem. You are also not a coward if you go to a psychologist. You are a normal person who just needs a place to tell whether there is a problem or not in your life. And also, if you feel something is wrong with yourself, for example, you don’t have the enthusiasm to work, or suddenly feel pain in a certain part even though you were healthy. This can mean something is wrong, maybe something bad is enveloping you and this should be consulted with an expert. An expert who can remove black magic and improve yourself as a whole.

Do you know when you want to be a person who develops and can continue to live to a further level, your physical and mental health must be equally healthy? Whatever is inside you must be prepared to face all the challenges that arise. Just imagine, if your body is unable to sustain the fatigue of your journey, and your mind is unable to deal with repeated failures. Can you achieve everything you dream of? It will be more difficult, of course. From here, maintaining mental health will make you know that it is the best capital to look at the future. You have to be physically ready to run even if you have fallen. Your mentality must also be ready to support the head who is getting tired and feeling like giving up when you fail and not finding someone who is strong.

Yes, everyone must be happy. Not only proven when they smile and laugh. But also when they can still have hope for a future that has failed. Everyone must have experienced stress, depression and all the disorders that threaten their daily activities. But not everyone can be released and say that they feel very happy. We, he, and most people are human beings who are worthy and worth fighting for happiness in life. What for? Of course to be able to survive and be a useful person for many other people out there. One thing that can be done is to relieve the burden that is in yourself. Of course, we cannot force ourselves to be happy when we don’t try for ourselves.