Take Care of Your Shaggy Carpet: Get to Know These Things!

Fur carpet or Shaggy carpet is one type of carpet that is currently in great demand. Although much in demand, this type of shaggy carpet is often problematic because the feather fiber of this carpet is easily released, aka its feathers easily fall out so that it pollutes the floor. Another problem that arises is the feathers on this type of carpet tend to easily store dust. Seeing this, of course, some tips are needed specifically in treating shaggy carpets. However, the best way to ensure there won’t be the damage on the carpet is by calling rug cleaning sydney and let the professional take care and clean your carpet. If this sounds to be true, just simply find out the phone number or location of a trusted carpet cleaning service company.

For this type of shaggy carpet, the right way to clean is to use a vacuum cleaner. Occasionally use a soft brush if the dirt or stains attached to the carpet are really stubborn. Do not carelessly use anti-stain carpet cleaners that are easily found in the market, making sure these products are truly high quality and safe for your shaggy carpet fibers. If your shaggy carpet is used frequently, you can clean it once a week. If your shaggy carpet is rarely used, you can clean it every two weeks. For routine maintenance, you can clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner, and proceed with drying the shaggy carpet under the sun.

If you want to wash shaggy rugs, make sure you know very well that your shaggy carpet is indeed allowed to be washed. How to wash it is also not careless, put your shaggy carpet on a cotton cloth, if there is none you can use a pillowcase. The goal is that the fur and fiber from the carpet do not come into direct contact with the washing machine. After washing, don’t forget to dry the carpet until it is completely dry. The wet carpet is susceptible to mold.

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